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Web Station Web Page/Portal thing


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I'm not sure if this will be useful to anyone but just in case it is here it is. This is a php/html page to place in the root of the Web Station to allow users to access the features on the disk station easily (point 'n click). The idea being they can get where they need to get without remembering the url's and port numbers etc. It's rough 'n ready but it does what I needed it to do.


There is a read_me.txt file in the download. It's pretty simple really - you can edit or remove the various sections to meet your needs. If you look at the code you will see some different examples for linking to different content. The standard Synology packages should work provided you have used the defaults. You will need to create links for community packages and remote content etc. There are some additional icons available in the icon folder plus you can create your own.


There is also a separate html/php package to help manage sub folder content. It's a cut down version of the main page that just contains the last two panels which automatically creates links to sub folders and the scripts available in the current folder. There are two style options to chose from for the sub folder script.


The css fisheye style effect used for the icons may not work on all devices! :roll: I have only been using this with PC's so you may need to tweak the code for some mobile devices/browsers.


Hopefully it will be of use to someone out there. If you add improvements to the code or create funky new icons please share them with the community. :smile:





Main Web Station Page




Sub Folder Style 1




Sub Folder Style 2


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