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So, I had been using DSM on my 10+ yo gaming rig with really old HDD for about a year. They are:


Asus P8Z68-V 


4GB "gaming" RAM

Various non-NAS budget HDD with a total of 10TB in SHR 


The DSM current main purpose are:


- Storage expansion that I offload from my laptop

- Photos storage and categorization by Moments for fast access (have google photo as well)

- Plex (non-paying account) server for 1080p playback on various device, like Google Chromecast 2, and apple TV 4 (i think) maybe 5


What I hope to achieve if I build a new one:


- Relatively inexpensive, with high value/ Price (including purchase of used parts)

- Current H264 1080p play back fine, but have framerate issues playback of H265 1080p high bitrate videos. Mainly playback devices cant decode h265 well.

- With above problem, I am looking at transcoding, and not finding/re-encoding H264 version of said same video.

- "Maybe" with lookout potential for 4K? But this is a very low priority.

- Storage expansion and photo in moments.

(below are for motherboard suggestion)

- Remote access. Of course, subject to ISP

- Wake on LAN? To save power and wear & tear. The DSM should have more idle time than working time.

- 6 HDD ports?

- SDD port, may or may not be important, advice?

- Probably getting a 4U rack for this. (for form factor suggestion)


With those in mind, can anyone suggest a CPU+MB combo? 


I've seen a lot of people building with i3-8100, is that CPU really good for its price in DSM situation?

What about Xeon chips, I also see a few post mentioned? But I have 0 experience with them.

I don't really have a set budget, but would like to pay just enough (little to no future proof, as next jump is 4K) to achieve the above.

Or I can solve my h265 problem with just buying better playback devices?

Would upgrading to i7 3750 help? This is the fastest/newest CPU the MB can support.


Thank you much.



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Generally Intel desktop boards are best as they use Intel NICs which has good compatibility with latest DSM 6.2.2 update 4 builds.


I personally use Intel DH61DL ITX boards. If you don't care about board size you can use Intel 61 chipset boards. Intel i3 2100 CPU with 4-8gb is more than ample for all transcoding needs etc. I recommend installing DSM OS onto SSD Drive for best performance. If you want to add more drives just add a 6 port pcie 1x Marvell 88S9215 chipset about $35USD.






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