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NF9G-QM77 mother board


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good day


i have NF9G-QM77 mother board connected to the G150XGE screen. I am not getting the 3.3V to enable the screen backlight on the mother board and the  TFT LCD MODULE 3.3V, I have trace jumper giving 3.3V and that jumper is connected to a small chip and one of the pins of the chip is connected to the wire that is suppose to be taking 3.3 V to the screen. now I cant trace the chip, the chip number is L2AC. I am not sure if that is the problem so i wanna get the chip data sheet and read more on its, its a five pin chip can anyone help me. 

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@blue10 The first thing that comes to mind is:


Why would you use a "bare" LCD panel connected to your NAS?

The next thing, is why not just use the 3,3V you have from your PSU?


The chip you are talkning about, is that on tne LCD panel, or on your mainboard?

(if you can provide a good picture of it, it might help to identify the chip and find a datashet).

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@blue10 So nothing related to Xpenology at all I take it?

(There might actually be other/better places to find help for this, believe it or not :-D )


There are many HW guy's here, that is what I get payed for at work, but might be hard for any of us to do faultfinding for you with so little info.


1 - What's the backstory to this? Was the "setup" working all OK untill suddenly the backlight died?

2 - Have you verified that everything else work as it should, with signal output to the screen? (use the flashlight trick)

3 - How is this all put together, how is the LCD panel connected to the mainboard what interface is beeing used?

4 - From where did you get the info about the 3,3V to enable the LCD? Do you have a datasheet for the panel?

5 - Can you provide good pictures, of both the complete setup, and the "jumper" and the chip with the missing 3,3V.

6 - Do you have 3,3V from your PSU? How far have you traced it?



Btw.: tracing signal/powerlines on a multilayer PCB can be a pain in the a*s ...

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good day


I have attached the screen manual and the mother board manual and also the top view of the mother board. so far i have been able to notice that I am not getting the 3.3V for backlight enable and if I take a 3V from the power supply the screen backlight comes on. I have also noticed that I am not getting the 3.3V for TFT LCD MODULE (refer to 5.1 of lcd datasheet) and page 4 of the mother board data sheet( lvds header connection from the motherboard to the screen). the 3.3V for the tft lcd comes from JP3 then to the small chip which I cant find on the internet(l2ac). from the jumper the 3.3V is present then to the input of the chip. but there is no outuput from the chip to the 3,3V wire of the header. I have tried bypassing it but nothing comes on just only the backlight and I cant trace the enable pin whwere it get power from.



G03-NF9G-F.pdf G150XGE-L04_CHIMEIInnolux.pdf

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