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Is possible to run XPEnology on a NUC?

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I have a NUC8I5BEH and I've tried to run the loader 1.04b for a DS918+ without any lucky (already tried to disable bluetooth, audio and useless stuff on BIOS).

The boot process just hung on "Screen will stop updating shortly...", keyboard dies, no ping, no sign of life at all.


So I guess, there is an hardware comparability issue. Since I didn't find much (or any) information in this forum about NUC setup, I was wondering if there is no way to do it or with some tricky workaround is possible to get it run.


Thank you

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If you got yourself a second computer then i would suggest that you download Synology Assistant. it is more reliable then using your web browser and 

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Thanks for the reply.


I know the IP address of that computer (since I have reserved its IP associated to its MAC address), so I am trying to pinging it and to open port 5000. Anyway I have also used Synology Assistant, but didn't work.

I guess my NUC hardware is not natively compatible with XPenology loader, it seems to hang just after write the message on the screen (keyboard seems dead, CAPS Lock and Num Lock don't light up any led). I don't know if I can use any LZMA to make it work or if I have to surrender. 😣


Thank you.

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