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Supermicro X8DTN+

Randy Powell

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I've got an old server laying around that seems perfect for an xpenology build.  I was using it with FreeNAS, but I want the flexibility of Synology SHR.

It's got 48GB of RAM, so if I can also play around with VM's on it, that would be a plus.


What would be the recommended boot loader and model to use for this server:

Supermicro 2U Server X8DTN+ MB, 2x Xeon L5630 2.13ghz CPU, 48Gb Ram and M1015 Raid controller


It's got 12 Bays, and I'm thinking I want to use it as an off-site backup for a few Synology Servers that I have out in the world.


Is there an argument to be made to go to ESXi and then Xpenology instead of bare metal?


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OK - in case anyone has a similar setup and wants a direction, here is what I came up with:

1) Flash the M1015 to the LSI-IT mode.

2) I went with Jun bootloader 1.03b
3) I went with 3615xs

4) I changed the config to allow for SHR


Things that were of interest to me were getting access to all that RAM as well as having SHR and current version (I'm on 6.2.2) so that I have access to all packages.

Very Happy - and I considered the 3617xs after I got the 3615 working, but WHY would I want to change/upgrade? 

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