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10gb issue with small file transfers



I decided I wanted to move to 10gb so built a new box mostly parts from my existing xpenology bulid except a new case, motherboard, psu and a intel x550-t2 nic and a couple of ssd's, I added an asus xg-c110c into my main rig and I used a direct connection to the nas from my pc.


I have set the intel nic to 9000mtu and matched the asus nic, large packets enabled in windows 10, amended smb advanced settings in smb services on the box and set the smb protocol to smb 3 (max) and smb 2 (minimum). I have updated the windows 10 host file for the direct connect.


The nas has 6 wd reds in raid 5 with 2 crucial 250gb ssd's in a raid 1 cache. when I transfer files from a sata ssd the transfer saturates the sata 3 connection transfering large files to an nvme is just over 900mbps.


My problem is transfering large numbers of small files, I was transfering 740gb of small files approx 5mb to 10mb each from a backup drive just a 3.5 inch hdd. Using the 10gb connection it gets to approx 300 to 400gb in and then it loses the connection, both boxes have good airflow and I installed fans to blow air over the nics so there not overheating and the transfer speed is only 150mbps anyway, I tried it 3 times and each time it just drops the connection. If I use the 1gb intel nic it works. Large files are no problem I put nearly 7tb on in 1 go with no issue's on the 10gb connection.


This is on loader 1.02b ds3617xs the latest dsm 6.1 update.


Can anyone help as I've run out of idea's, thanks in advance.



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