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Migrating from Xpenology to Synology

Randy Powell

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On 1/17/2020 at 2:06 PM, Randy Powell said:

Is it possible to start with Xpenology, and then if one decides to switch to Synology, to simply pull drives and replace in a Synology box?
I'd assume you can, as I know you can change from one synology box to another (as long as the new one has a minimum version of drives DSM or greater).


Olegin answered to that question already but I wanted to add some more.


The OS (DSM) running on your XPEnology Box is the same as the one running on a genuine Synology box. In other words, DSM in your Xpenology box is as genuine as the one in a Synology box.

This said once you put the drives in a Synology Box, DSM will most certainly ask you to reinstall DSM if the model (918, 3615, 3617) you are moving your drives to is not the same as the model of the loader your used to initially install DSM in your Xpenology box. Your data should remain safe.



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