wire connexion for Coolink Swif2 and N54L

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Hello everyone,


i think after 2 hours and 120 possibilities tried, i really appreciate some help about my problem..


I have a HP N54L with DSM 6.2.2 with stock rear fan (which is noisy)

I buyed a Coolink swif2 120mm which doesn't start (without changing pins order)


I tried to follow silent pc review which explain how to reorder pins...but.. no luck....


original fan has that configuration :

From fan : green/yellow/red/black

From pinout : green/black/red/yellow


Coolink fan has that configuration

From fan : Blue (red)/Yellow/Black/Green

From pineout : Black / Yellow /Green / Blue (red)


Do you know exact order for that specific model ?


Thanks for your help..



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@Pandadoo Based on the info found from your post, it looks like this might be the way

(I might be wrong, as it has happend once or twice before ;-) so doublecheck, and if anything breaks, it's on you :-D )


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Hello Bearcat and thank you for the tip :-)


I will try , and, don't worry, if my MB fries, she will serve as hand warmer at least for few seconds :-)



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