Installing RAIDF1 on XPEnology

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RAIDF1 on XPEnology


RAIDF1 is a SSD (Solid State Drive) array optimization in DSM.


Please consider this a strong recommendation to review the FAQ prior to implementing RAIDF1.

You will learn some technical theory about RAIDF1, how it works, its pros and cons, and how it may be useful to your application.


Configuring RAIDF1


Deploying RAIDF1 on XPEnology is simple, just address these prerequisites:


1. Install the DS3615xs+ or DS3617xs+ DSM platform

DS916+ and DS918+ do not have kernel support for RAIDF1.


2. Install at least three SSDs, preferably the same type and size

RAIDF1 is a variant of RAID5, so a minimum of three drives are required.


3. Validate SMART functionality on the SSDs

RAIDF1’s algorithms are dependent upon functional SMART data available to DSM.  This may preclude the use of virtualized or RDM-enabled SSDs in ESXi. If you can see the Estimated Lifespan statistic in Storage Manager, SMART is working.




4. Create a Storage Group dedicated to RAIDF1

As long as the prerequisites are met, the RAIDF1 option should be displayed in the dropdown.



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