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Newbie: Which Bootloader and DSM should I use for my HP Pro 3330 MT PC?


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Firstly, I started using XPEnology like a month ago, after retiring my Synology 218 and 418 from service. I want bare metal setup that offers flexibility and of course the 'fun' building a NAS from scratch but with familiar UI. 


My setup as above, HP Pro 3330 MT with i3 3.3ghz CPU, 8gb RAM and Realtek NIC. I loaded 1.02a with 6.1-15047 successfully, without hiccups. Its is looking good for 2 weeks now. I'm happy. BUT, the happiness doesn't last not because my XPE failed, its good and stable now, but I want to explore more to see what else can I do with the flexibility of building baremetal NAS. But, I won't push too much. 


My priority now is to try running later DSM coz 15047 is already years old and Synology has updated far ahead, and most importantly security updates. So, with my above HP pc, which boot loader and DSM update is compatible? 


I'm not really good with command lines, etc etc... but yup, not that noob too. So please offer me some ideas or suggestions. Let me know what else in terms of hardware I'd need to provide or share, I will post.


Thanks all!

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There isn't enough information to render an opinion.  Specifically, you don't say what CPU you are using ("i3" can mean a hundred different CPUs) or which DSM platform you are using.  These two pieces of information are important in advising you, or better yet you making your own decision with the summary/tutorial information available.


In general terms, if you can run loader 1.02a, you can probably run 1.02b on the same DSM platform and upgrade to any 6.1.x version.  The 6.2.x loaders may or may not be a problem depending upon your hardware.

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