Serious upgrade to virtual DSM- couple questions

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I wanted to upgrade my old baremetal DSM 5 to something better and switch to zfs file system, but after time I came to conclusion that btrfs will be better ( option of expand/ resize disks space and snapshots are priority, so Synology SHR would be the best for me).  I also like synology aplications for android so I would like to still use xpenology as my basic OS on my home server. As for virtual  systems never tried anything serious  except virtualbox on windows, so I need a little advice.

In home I have fiber modem from my provider with a lot of locked options which is going to be connected to Dlink  dgs 1210-48 switch. As home server Im going to use supermicro mainboard with xeon e5v3. For begining as storage I would like to use around 4 disks in SHR, 16gb of ddr4 ecc ram and 2 ssd disks as a system disk in raid 1 ( or some better option) to keep hypervisor OS and virtual systems on it. I would like to have a hypervisor to use DSM, Windows 10 remotely and some unix distros for tests. 

I want to :

store data for the whole family

- use media server, play videos via DLNA, and 4k transcode (maybe DSvideo, Plex or other solution for home smart tvs/kodi players, tv boxes)

- use Download Station or simmilar torrent downloader with search engine (maybe qbit torrent)

- 24h home monitoring for around 8- 16 cameras ( this maybe by some virtual system or application)

- have access from my laptop/pc by web or some remote manager to virtual win 10 if I need to convert, download, etc a lot of data ( so I dont need to leave laptop/ pc turned on whole night )

- use VPN in whole home devices (never tried that)

- have access to my server remotely by website (dyndns, or similar/ also never tried that)

- have option to passthrough f.ex disk, gpu, sound card to virtual OS


Am I able to configure it all as I wrote? Which hypervisor OS would be the best? Proxmox, ESXI or some other option?

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