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Network file copying weirdness


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I'm in the process of getting DSM5 on my HP N54L to replace my old D-link DNS-323 NAS and have run into odd behavior that I'm hoping someone can shed light on.


I've mounted share volumes on both the HP and the D-link as drive letters on my Windows 7 PC and copied some files over from the latter to the former. Then I tried running rsync -aivx on the HP with the D-link as the remote and was surprised to see that the machine wants to recopy the files instead of recognizing that they are identical! If I let rsync copy over the files, it at least is nice enough to not recopy them on a subsequent attempt.


Using Windows (File) Explorer in Details View on both these mount points, I notice that navigating the folders and opening files in read-only mode seems to change the "Modified Date" field in the HP case but not in the D-link case.


Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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