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DSM 5 - OpenVPN and remote access routing issue


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Hi there,


I'm struggling since I set a OpenVPN interface on my Syno I cannot get remote access working :cry:


After some troubleshooting I discovered that I have 2 default gateway in my routing table, one for my LAN and one for OVPN. So when the traffic is on the LAN, no prb as it's a directly connected network.


But, when the traffic come from Internet through the LAN, the OVPN default gateway is used to reply (which is normal)...


So after asking my friend Google, it seems that the only way I have is to use iproute2 and some kernel parameter to have thing working (using 2 routing tables). As it's not activated by default, I would like to get your point of view on the best way to go forward :

- Recompiling the kernel and install iproute2

- or Look through iptables / basic route

- or Look somewhere else

- or Forget it ! :grin:


PS : my OVPN provider allow port forwarding but on random port. So changing the admin port of my Syno on the fly every hour is not possible :wink:


Thx for your help !



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