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Photo Station 6 - Disappearing Albums?!


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Running XPE 4.3 all year with no problems, box is working like a charm.


Finally got around to consolidating thousands of photos from every machine in the house, spent the last several weekends sorting them beautifully and getting them indexed into Photo Station 6.


I had set up the new folder structure under an "organized" folder which was one level below /photo in my user folder. As a final step, I went to move all of my organized folders up to that first level, out from under /photo/organized. I decided to do this using the Move option in Photo Station rather than in File Station, to avoid having to re-index everything.


I did this a few folders at a time, then realized that one of the folders that I moved had DISAPPEARED. Of course it was the one with the most photos and the most sub-folders. Of course. There is no sign of this thing in File Station anywhere on the volume.


Thankfully I have a backup of all the files, so I'm not standing on the ledge. But the backup is from before a week of sorting and organizing, and the idea of comparing and re-sorting everything is making me crazy. Plus, my sense of justice demands that I at least try to fix this. I've looked into photorec and extundelete, and while I'm comfortable with the basics of moving around in SSH, I haven't quite found a guide that makes it quite clear enough for me since the basics like apt-get don't seem to work in DSM SSH.


Has anyone else run into this, and does anyone have a solution?


Separately, I couldn't seem to get public albums in one account to be visible in a different account. But one thing at a time.


Many thanks!

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