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VM Freezes every 4-5 days and requires a reboot


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Hi All, 


Host - i9-9900K w/64GB RAM, Win10-1803 ENT, Build 17134.1184

Virtualbox 6.1.0 r135406


Guest - DS3615XS running DSM6.2-23739

OS specified Linux 2.6/3.x/4.x (64-bit)

Base mem 4096

Processor 2

Video mem 128MB

Graphics controller VMSVGA

All VDI are specified as SATA

Bridged Network adapter is set to Intel PRO/1000MT Desktop (8254OEM)

Audio disabled

USB 2 controller



The VM freezes every 4-5 days and requires a reboot to get it going again. I'm wondering what are the optimal VB options that you all are using for your VB environment? In the meantime, I'll check the VB logs for any anomalies.


Thanks in advance!


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