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How to perform minor version DSM upgrade?


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Successfully installed Xpenology 6.1.7 using Jun's loader on N40L. After installation, tried to upgrade the DSM to 6.1.7-15284 by following this link. Server never came back after reboot. 



  • Is the procedure of performing minor version upgrade still valid?
  • Is there a way to recover the system without performing another reinstallation?
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Did you read the following info on that page (and understood what you read) ?

"Requirements: Nanoboot or Gnoboot " Which one are you using?

(old and outdated info, when was the last update on those pages?)


BTW: what you are after, is a minor update, not upgrade


First thing first, in you controlpanel, updates .. 

select the "Check important and security updates only!




Then, may either download the pat file and do a manual update from the controlpanel, letting you decide what to install, 

or you may from the same part of the controlpanel do a manual search, download and install of the update.


For more info and help, feel free to browse this forum and FAQ's / Guides :-)


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Most on this site are using Jun's loader and most of the resources and community support are aligned to that.   The link you cited is to another resource.


Using Jun's loader, typically a minor version update is done through the Control Panel.  The community uses crowdsourced reports to help understand where there might be problems.  See here: https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/78-dsm-updates-reporting/


As far as recovering a bricked installation - the best answer is not to have a bricked system.  Use a test environment to make sure your hardware accepts the update and then you will never have to worry about it.

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