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Hi guys,


first I want to thank all the people who makes this works. Very good job.


I've got DSM 5 update 2 with Nanoboot native installed on a N40L.


Now I've bought a N54L and want to move from N40L to the N54L.


Puttin in the USB Stick and HDD's doesn't worked for me.I'm getting asked for the root password,but the system always tells me wrong password.


Back in the N40L everything works fine. Do I have to build a seperate USB Stick for the N54L to move the HDD's?


Thank you for any hints



Sorry for my poor english :mrgreen:

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At what point are you getting asked for the root password?


I've got a screen connected to the N54L. Just for checking the bootup.


And after all the screen posts I'm getting asked for the root? admin? password.


Does your root password have a "z" or a "y" in it? Could it be that the new stick is using an english keyboard layout but your terminal is using a German Layout?




I've put my stick from the N40L into the N54L. Not a new one.

Anyway, I've tried also swapping "y" and "z".



I'll get a new Stick for the N54L and try again.


Some other ideas?


thank you

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Hi guys!


I found the solution for my problem.


As i move the USB 3.0 Card from the N40L to the N54L i didn't plugged one cable good enough back into the socket. :mrgreen:


A upgrade or new installation from Nanoboot wasn't possible due to Error 38 (no communication to HDD).


After checking the cable it's working now.


Migration was possible now.


Thank you anyway




The reason for getting asked for the root password is easy. The Bootup was done from the stick and did'nt find a HDD (Error 38) so the system was waiting for installation. :grin:


c ya

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