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Login fault: You cannot login to the system because the disk space is full currentli.



Dear Everybody.

For ESXi6.7 I've been using dsm's latest 6.2 version for less than half a year under DS3615xs.

Unfortunately, a few days ago, there was a bug that I can't fix.

This is what the web interface says when I try to sign in: "You cannot login to the system because the disk space is full currentli."

Of course disks are not full at all.

Can someone please help me out what to do?

Restarting doesn't help either!


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Finally I managed to log in!
I describe what I did, but I suspected 2 things, but my solution failed to filter out what was wrong…
- Tip # 1: I read in some 2015 forums that when this bug came up, there was something wrong with "Photo" with PhotoStation.
- Tip two: My second idea was that the "Serviio Media Server" installed from an external source was littering the system partition


Since I couldn't stop the applications at all, I read how to remove packages from the command line (Source: https://github.com/wuseman/SYNOLOGY/blob/master/README.md😞
List of installed packages:

synopkg list | sed 's/: .*$//'

To delete a package you want to delete:

sudo synopkg uninstall 

Example package cancellation:

sudo synopkg uninstall Serviio


Unfortunately, the exact cause of the error will not be revealed in the future, as I was glad to be able to remove packages without deleting everything I do not necessarily need, but the next time I have another error, you can experiment with it!


I don't need PhotoStadion right now, so I won't reinstall it, but I will reinstall Serviio and java8, and if the error reappears, I'll know for sure what the problem was.
Since I'm using it on ESXi, it is possible that I will install a second (actually fourth :)) XPEnology on Serviio Media Server and just mount my volume from the live server that contains the movies. So if you do give up once, there will only be an empty server that I need to reinstall.


Thank you very much for your response and help !!!

Képernyőfotó 2020-01-06 - 16.16.51.png

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you could try to login with ssh or if that is not active you could enable serial port in your vm and connect putty by a serial connection to login



more complicated - boot a rescue linux mount raid system partitions with mdadm and look into it (log files, free disk space)


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Yes, I tried, but it doesn't help.
After the first reboot, I was able to log in once, but no more was helped by the reboot. After other restarts, the error message always came immediately.
I also thought the tmp directory was full, but unfortunately I don't know how to fix it.SSH is enabled and I can access it through it.
I'm out of control of hard drive capacity, but the hard drives are not full, as you can see in the picture ...


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Try this:

synoservicecfg --status pkgctl-java8

if status is 'enable' and is 'start' then:

synoservicecfg --disable pkgctl-java8


Do the same for Serviio:

synoservicecfg --status pkgctl-Serviio

if is status 'enable' and is 'start' then:

synoservicecfg --disable pkgctl-Serviio

Restart your machine by issuing the following command:



Try logging through GUI again.

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