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"operation failed" and no access


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Hello !


First of all, thanks for all you works on those topics !


I have something very strange with my N40L running DSM 5 update 4.

I have done nothing special on it (I mean no exotic packet)


- I remarked that when trying to update essential antivirus, I got a message "operation failed". Then more and more operation in DSM were returning this error message


- I decided to reboot it. After that, when trying to log-on, I got "system is getting ready" message; After a night of waiting time, I was still unable to connect


- I hard-reboot the server. And I cannot connect anymore : no web access, no ping answer


- I let it off for 4 hours. When I restarted it, I was able to connect again.


- after few days, I had again the antivirus error and rebooted


- and again, "systeme is getting ready"


- and now, I can't connect anymore :sad:



I am thinking about two potentials issues :

- DSM is corrupted

- Hardware failure



* DSM corrupted

Can I re-install a fresh DSM without a data loss ?


* Hardware failure

How can I test it ?


Thanks for your help ! :smile:

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