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Quick Noob question



I installed Xpenology on a computer with 4 hard drives and copies some data to it.   I have not done anything with it and it has run for quite some time.

I will get the versions info tonight when I get home from work, but the reason for the message is that it started making noise and I logged into and it said

that the volume had crashed.  Noticed that 1 of the 4 drives did not show as listed anymore.   No data (only usb stick that I run xpenology from showed in the files tool).

Shut the computer down.  Pulled the failed drive and put a new drive in (its 2TB vs 1TB that failed).  Powered the system back up and logged in.  Says degraded, but storage

manager says volume still crashed.


How do I recover the volume so I can pull the data off this unit.   I am pulling the data as a safety backup.


A pointer to a page, doc, etc that explains how to do this would be great as all my googling yesterday didn't yield the info I needed. 


Thanks in advance for any help.   (5.2-5644)



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try the search here with "volume crashed" and select AND






first thing is a get a glimpse of what is there and gat yourself a look whats the situation and whats ahead of you

dont try to repair anything yet, some rush steps cant be undone

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