TerraMaster F2-221

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I'm looking to install XPEnology on my TerraMaster F2-221 as I'm dissatisfied with the current possibilities of the software in terms of backing up the server itself.


I saw that @Wolffamily13 got his F2-221 up and running with XPEnology back in July.


Does anybody have any advice/experience in doing this?


What model .pat file should I use?


Sorry for the noobish questions!


Wishing everybody a happy and healthy 2020!

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Posted (edited)

Go straight and download the 3615xs named DSM_DS3615xs_24922.pat and proceed with the 1.03b loader tutorial to create the usb drive, then modify the second partition of the usb drive where reside the extra.lzma file and follow the guide


(basically extracting/replacing the 2 files on the stick with the ones from the original pat and adding the new extra.lzma vers. 0.5 from the topic above).

This way you should be on DSM 6.2.2 (the latest one)

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