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N54L DSM 4.3 Error - System failed to convert video...


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Hope someone can help.


I have DSM 4.3-3827 Update 7 on HP N54L server.


I've noticed I no longer play back video's taken from mobile phones. I get errors in the log files:


system failed to convert video (file path) to .flv (or .mov, or .mpeg4) etc


I cannot play any of the video from DS Photo+ client on iphone or ipad.


I can play the video's from web broswer directly.


Any idea's what's going wrong? This used to work before, i do not know from which DSM update its stopped working

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Please check the user/rights of the files taken by mobile phone (can be done in Filestation).

I had once a problem, that these files (fotos in my case) were not accessible for the converting user/process (syncon...), so they coundln't be converted.

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