DSM 6.2.1 for DS3617xs with loader 1.03 on ESXi tips & tricks

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Just a friendly warning for the other noobs like me who spent some hours troubleshooting.


Using DS3617xs with loader 1.03 on ESXi 6.7.

With the DSM 6.2 version VMXNET3 adapters work fine. USB controller (2.0) can be present on the VM without issues.


If you upgrade to 6.2.1+ you need to switch the network card(s) to E100e (this information is in the loader matrix).

But you also need to remove the USB 2.0 controller from the VM or DSM won't boot. That information is not present in the loader matrix.


I had to add a serial port that outputs to file to see DSM hanging on EHCI controller to realize the issue.

So maybe it will work with a USB3.0 controller, others can maybe confirm or deny, or we will find out later when we try.


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i think you would not need this if you use proper drivers

after update to 6.2.1+ you use a newer kernel that contains changes that makes (most) drivers from before (default drivers from jun) incompatible, when using new compiled drivers with the right kernel options it should work as before (no scsi/sas controllers in the vm, all sata)

in your case you would just need to copy the new extra.lzma into your bootimage (that was already updated to the new kernel)

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Hello IG-88,


Thank you for your message.

I can confirm, VMXNET3 and USB 3.0 controller works perfectly with your updated extra.lzma file.



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