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N40L work with 6.2.2 on Jun's 1.03b?


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Hi all,


I have a beefy xpenology box and am using a Synology DS416j as my offsite backup target.  It's just not hacking it anymore :) I'm thinking of replacing it with a cheap N40L.

If I add in an intel NIC, will this run the latest 6.2.2 using Jun's 1.03b bootloader?


I can't find a clear yes/no on this so thought I'd ask.


Thanks in advance for everyone's help.



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Oh I have read here and other places (too much probably :)). Most comments about sound levels are positive but there are some negative ones that worry me. I was just planning on replacing the two fans with silent ones but there are comments about the HP bios complaining when the fans spin too slowly.

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To close the loop.


I ended up buying a gen 8 with a 1220L v2 already installed for a decent price. Hopefully the onboard AES-NI support will help.


Fan noise isn't silent but it's not bad.  We'll see if that changes as I move my drives over.


iLO is pretty cool.  I was able to get a 60 day full trial license from HP,  the remote console alone is tremendously useful.


Big thanks to @IG-88 for everything you do for this community. Your extra.lzma worked perfectly!



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