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update 5.0-4493 Update 5 issues


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Just noticed this update, installed it on my real syno (ds411j) and everything seemed fine, so ran it on the xpenology (sed & mv as usual) on the reboot the log indicated overtemp problems on the WD40EFRX drives (not true), Volume1 is gone, but the system boots. Not sure if it is the update yet (I had also done a chmod on the indix file creation script and deleted @eadirs.


Not quite sure how to proceed at this point.


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Here's my experience:


I never did get around to doing update 4, but it was green for update 5, so I went for it.


I downloaded, then ran my update script to perform the rename (sed... mv...)

then I did the update, it was done real quick.


The screen counted down and it could never come back up. I powered off, and let it power up. Still not able to be found by the SynologyAssistant.

So I powered off. Pulled the power, and waited 10 seconds. Powered back up.


Now I am back in action. The Notification window in the upper right had a message about an improper shutdown. However I do have all my drives and all seems good so far.

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