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Max hdd capacity on HP 54L DSM 6.2.2


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Good evening, I would like to install a Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC510 10 TB disc in my nas xpenology dsm 6.2.2 which I just installed on  HP N54L micro server, I did not manage to find the information on the max capacity by disc concerning the hp n54l dsm 6.2.2

Do you have any info on the subject?

thank you in advance



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As long as your hardware supports GPT partitions, the theoretical limit is 9.44 zettabytes per partition.

I think Linux basic limit is 8 zebibytes, btrfs has a maximum limit of 16 exbibytes and if you use SHR (and therefore LVM), you will be limited to 8 exbibytes


So you are probably okay.


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Thinks for your reply @flyride

I answer my topic to inform you that the 10 TB disk is well recognized at the operating system level, no problem on my xpenology on HP N54L micro server with bios 2013 😀 I don't know if there is a size limit per disc .... in any case 10 to works 😍

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