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IPCam recommendation for Surveilance station


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I'm looking to buy a pair of ip cams that support motion and infrared\night recording with a decent resolution that can be used with surveilance station. Can anyone recommend something budget oriented, as I don't mind having to tinker with it.



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If you are in the real tight budget, then you should look at FOSCAM camera (if you can get it at your country).

But do expect to have some minor bugs.(Some bugs that you can live with it, not a major hassle to your own

standard). To your best interest, buy one to test it out.


You will find the latest Surveillance Station version support a FULL range of FOSCAM cameras.

But do check on the Synology Forum users for problems that may arise using it.


Albeit, FOSCAM cameras have limited range. E.g. FOSCAM camera don't have outdoor DOME cameras.

They have only outdoor BULLET cameras.


Bear in mind, that even though FOSCAM cameras are label ONVIF, don't be fooled by the label.

Labeling of ONVIF is false, because the cameras are not approved by ONVIF, the manufacturer

is an ONVIF member, but none of the cameras are approved to be ONVIF compliant.

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I bought a Neo coolcam nip-02 (http://www.tinydeal.com/coolcam-nip-02-300k-pixels-14-cmos-05-lux-wifi-ip-camera-p-83335.html).

By default it is not supported, but after using the (http://mysynology.nl/alternatieve-ip-camera-gebruiken-i-c-m-surveillance-station/ (google translate for other languages)) user defined option within surveilance station it works like a charm.


But do not expect much from the image quality. It has a purple tone and it is only a 300K pixel ccd. And when installing I had some difficulties changing the default username and password. I had to reset it several times. Apperently it only supports alpha numeric charaters. No special charaters like *#!, etc.

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