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anyone using ST31500341AS Hard drives?


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Yup been running a ST31500341AS Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 on CC1H firmware for a few years now. 7 reallocated sectors. Two newer WD black drives failed. Oh, my seagate is a recertified? or remanufactured - it's a warranty replacement drive after the first one failed after very very little use in a windows box. It really surprises me that the replacement has lasted this long. I picked up a spare WD Red just to be ready to replace the Seagate when it fails.


UPDATE: Okay, its been almost 2 more years and now I'm looking at 12 bad sectors (up from 7.) Connecting to XPEbox directory browsing hangs a few seconds, so tried swapping out the 7200.11 for a new WD Red - Same issue. Put Seagate back in the box, and been running it. I think it's just a matter of months before it fails, but I've been saying that for years, so maybe I don't know much about these things :wink:

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now that i've had 3 months of testing with these drives. I can say they can't be used reliably.


I've tested this in a 4 bay synology and my own built box.


For some reason, 1-3 of these drives loaded in one box is FINE. runs ok.


Once I add the 4th drive, it starts slowing down and hanging when browsing directories. It will eventually freeze. Sometimes a few minutes after boot -- sometimes a few hours in.

This causes me to have to reboot and recover the volume.


I thought it might have been just one drive out of the four have gone bad, but that didn't end up being the case as I've tried it rotating all 4 drives in as the final 4th addition.



Mine are also all Recertified (from the early failing issues these had) with CC1H FW.


I also found a few threads online stating these drivings are not recommended for more than 2+ raid configurations (which sounds like BS)





As far as my own rig, I removed one drive and let the volume run in Degraded for a while until I had time to play with it. Now I have 2x 5TB Red's in there and all is well.

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