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HDD Temperature warning RDM on ESXi5.5


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Hi guys,


since I use two WD RED 3TB disks in Raw Disk Mapping setup with my ESXi 5.5 (nanoboot 5032, with latest update 4) i got temperature warnings.

I whould thing SMART should be supported in RDM setup but I'm not verry sure.


I allready tried to reed the temp in cli

synodisk --read_temp /dev/sda

disk /dev/sda temp is -1


so it can't read the temp. I already looked for warnings in configuratiuon GUI but can't fint anything with temperature warnings or so.

In vSphere the tempeature is OKE so there is no problem. But I hate these warnings.


Anyone any idea, link, suggestion to fix this or to activate SMART?

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