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Create a Repository of Drivers?


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Hello Guys,


I had took a look into XPenology since I have read of it and I am really amazed of the work, you guys had allrdy put into it.

As I could seen, different people working on XPenology Releases. As Boot-Images we got Synoboot, Gnoboot, Nanoboot, etc.

I found that Trantor made a cool Thread "Drivers requests / Beta8 (4.3-3827)"



He collect requested Driver for the people and include them into his releases.

I could allrdy seen similar request on the Gnoboot's Blog.

Also sancome lacks of driver for his releases. For example, I can't use WOL with Nanoboot, but I have no problems with Gnoboot.


My idea is to collect all the driver, that you developer guys could use and include them in your next releases.

Nobody would need to collect the drivers from scratch and with the time, XPenology would support more and more devices.

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I love the idea and would gladly help, but I know too little about Linux I guess, but would gladly learn in order to help...

I am planning to upgrade my own N36L to something new pretty soon and I guess this will mean I need drivers for it, so I can just as well help others with the same agenda :wink:


But how do we go about it, how do we collect and compile, and how do we distribute?

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