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I am total new to XPEnology and i have looked at some guides on youtube and i have made the USB drive using synoboot ds3617_6.2 and i boot using v1.03b and i install  DSM_DS3617xs_24922.
After the 10 min when my Nas reboots i can't connect using find synoloy and synology assistant, even if i ping the ip i get host unreachable.


Thank you in advice.

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redo your usb (istalling 24922 changed files to a new version), delete disks and install 6.2.(0) aka v23739

there are changes in 6.2.2 (24922) that make the additional drivers (in the file extra.lzma) incompatible

when using a network hardware that need this drivers then network will not work after installing 24922

so you will have to stay with 6.2.(0) until a new driver package is availible (still work i progress)


or you use loader 1.02b and dsm 6.1, as long as you dont update to 6.2 you are also fine

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After i got my synology installed i skipped the quick connect login at the startup because i thought i would just do that later.
But when i try to login to my synology account now i just get an error, the error just says "there is an unknown error" and i cant type anything is the quick id field.

Mabye some one have experienced the same issue?

Synology DiskStation.png

Synology DiskStation1.png

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Under "Features and Services" within the TOS:

2. QuickConnect and Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS)
Users who wish to use this service must register their Synology device to a Synology Account.


When using XPenology, you are not using a Synology device.  Therefore you aren't able to register that device to a Synology account.  If you do, you are violating the TOS.


This is tantamount to stealing proprietary cloud services, and is discouraged here and by the cited FAQ.

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