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Wake on LAN - magic packet

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Hi guys,

I installed DSM 6.2.2 for a DS3615 with jun's loader 1.03b on the following hardware:

- ASRock Rack C226M WS with

- integrated Intel I210 and I217 network adapters

- Intel i5 4570TE



I adjusted the grub.cfg for the USB stick's VID&PID, the NIC's MAC addresses and the serial number Everything seems to be working well except for wake on LAN, which is enabled in the BIOS and DSM. When I shut down DSM the system restarts after a few seconds. In Windows I would enable "Magic Packet" in the driver of the NIC but there is no such option in DSM.


I already tried to find out the WOL status via putty by typing "ethertool eth0" or eth1, but this returns just a "Cannot get wake-on-lan settings: Operation not permitted".


What I also observed: when I shut down the pc by pressing the power button, the system does not seem to restart (at least for a couple of minutes before I proceeded with testing...).


Do you have any idea what I could try to get WOL running properly with activation by a magic packet only?


Thanks - appreciate your help :)

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