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Box keeps falling off Network and not coming back


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I installed DSM5.0 with a tutorial on here. The system runs beautifully and I have loaded up 4x 1.5TB Seagate green drives in.


The only thing that keeps happening is:


Whenever I go away from the computer and come back to it a few hours later (or overnight) I have trouble connecting to the box.


I can't ping the box

I can't connect from assistant

I can't connect via \\synologyboxname


I just tried to take the ethernet cable off the from the switch and connect directly to my computer. It joins an "unidentified network" and still no connection with the box.


The only way I can get it back online is to hold the Power button for a few seconds and let it Hard shut down. Turn it back on, and everything is normal again.

The weird thing is, the "event notifcations" shows it as an "improper shutdown" so I think we can assume the system is still up?


This is currently a big issue as my volume crashed last night and I put in a replacement drive. I don't think it ever finished repairing the volume as I had to Hard Power Off the system this morning and now my volume is degraded and is going through a parity check.



Suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

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I'm on my third parity check right now..


I'm trying to single out what's wrong. So I just turned off hibernation for all drives.


I don't think this is a drive issue as the time stamp for "improper shutdown" is exactly when I hit the button. So the box is still running to some degree... but just not active?


That was scary.. I left it expanding and it never finished.. and now it's on its third parity check today...

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