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any USB 3 PCIe card for N54l


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You could take a look at this thread NEC USB 3 PCIe Low Profile


I use one of those in my N40L which has had Trantors 4.3.3827 UD6 Beta8 as well as NanoBoot DSM 5.0.4493 UD4 running with the USB 3 NEC chip set. So it should be fine in your N54L with any of the current flavours of Xpenology. One thing to note: I found that the additional power is required for the card to function correctly. Without the extra power connected the N40L didn't power off or restart using the DSM functions, and my external USB hard drive dock wasn't recognised, even though it has its own power supply.


The Ebay seller that was selling the ones in the above link has none of the cards listed. The card in the link below looks like it maybe the same spec.


2x USB 3 with NEC Chip

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