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Ultimate Noob Guide - DSM 5.0 4493 - ESXi/Non ESXi + More!


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Hey guys you remember me from my previous tutorials well i'm back with a new 1 today, this one is for all compatible hardware and installs from scratch DSM 5.0 4493 and even updates it to 4493 - update 4.


This guide is a ESXi and Non ESXi guide and contains instructions for both VMDK users and IMG users, Enjoy.



Added a video guide to go with the text guide.


OUTDATED USE LINK IN NEXT POST -- Here is a extra part of my tutorial, Installing nanoboot on the HDD rather than a USB Drive. -- OUTDATED USE LINK IN NEXT POST




More to come soon, i will keep this thread updated instead of posting new ones and also apologizes for posting in the "General Discussion" section i didn't see this sub section.

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