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DS3615xs on esxi 6.7


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Ok, this is a simple system with the following likely attributes:

  1. VMware is probably installed on a USB key and booting from that
  2. You have a small (32GB) SSD which is dedicated for the VMware scratch datastore
  3. You have created a XPEnology VM, storing the virtual boot loader and a 200GB sparsely populated virtual disk as storage for XPEnology.  These are all stored on scratch datastore.
  4. Presumably you have installed DSM to the virtual disk but it's not clear if you have built a storage pool or a volume.
  5. You probably have a physical HDD you want to use as a second (?) disk for XPEnology. This is not explained or shown in the system pics.

Hopefully you can see that sparse virtual disk storage will be problematic in a production environment because your virtual disk will rapidly exceed the SSD physical storage once you start putting things onto it.  This is fine for test to simulate a larger disk, but definitely not for production.


Assuming I am correct about the second disk (assuming for now it is an HDD) you wish to add, there are three ways to connect it.

  1. Create a new datastore in ESXi and locate the HDD.  Then create a virtual disk for some or all of it, and attach that virtual disk to your VM, which should then be visible in DSM.
  2. Create an RDM pointer to the HDD (see my sig on how to do this).  Then attach the RDM definition to your VM.  The entire disk should then be visible in DSM.
  3. If your SSD is not on the same SATA controller as your HDD (for example if SSD is an NVMe drive), you can pass your SATA controller through to the VM entirely. Any attached drives then will be visible to DSM as long as your SATA controller is supported by DSM.

This is probably a bit overwhelming.  You seem new to ESXi so just build up and burn down some test systems and do a lot of research on configurations, until you get the hang of it.


Good luck!

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