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So I've decided to upgrade my Nas to someone that doesn't scream my ears off

I knew I'd have to reinstall the os but after moving the USB plus hdds

To a new pc (maximus vi extreme with some i3 and 4gb ram)

It kept saying raid degraded system partition failed on alot of my drives so i moved all the data from all the drives over to the single drive partition and decided to reinstall.

After reinstall using the desktop assistant and correct dsm 6.0.2 image for my setup it asks me to login to the web interface to finish setup. But issue is it never allowed me to type in a password for the admin account

When I try to login without a password it says that the password is wrong

When I try to type in my previous password it says that the account has been disabled so i again reinstalled (both tried using the reinstall and force install option in the bootloader)

But it keeps doing this

Here a picture when moved the USB plus hdds to the new rig without reinstall

(note previous and new rig both were Intel. Went from i3 first gen to i3 4th gen hardware)

Any tips for this?b8e6ab944405abb8b2fd17064ff68ba3.jpg



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