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DSM 6.2.2 MAC Adress



Hello Everybody.

Have been running my Xpenology since the very beginning somewhere in 2012 or so.

Now I have updated my bootloaders etc to 1.03b and i have set Serial and mac1 and mac2 but for some reason dsm only takes the mac i set in mac1, so the second LAN does not have a Synology compliant MAC ID although i have set it in Grub Config.

Anyone have any ideas?


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when using copy & pate it can happen that you forgot to change 2nd entry to mac2=

like this


set mac1=001122334455
set mac1=001122334456

should be:

set mac1=001122334455
set mac2=001122334456


there is also "netif_num="  but thats checked and corrected it you do the "macX="  correct in grub.cfg


if common_add_option mac1; then set netif_num=1; fi
if common_add_option mac2; then set netif_num=2; fi
if common_add_option mac3; then set netif_num=3; fi
if common_add_option mac4; then set netif_num=4; fi
common_add_option netif_num


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