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DSM 5.0 XFS support


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Hi everyone,


I am a totally new user of XPEnology and have it installed on my HP Microserver N54L. It is working magnificently and cannot begin to imagine the level of knowledge needed to get any of it in the state it is in today. For all the work and dedication from all involved I thank you!


I will briefly summarise why I have gone down this route so my request is put into context...


I was running a NSA210 (Zyxel) which did the job very well but felt since I had deleted some files from the hard drive by mistake (a symbolic link in owncloud to a set of files) I should look into a better solution to my backup / file storage unit. Due to the file system of the NSA being XFS, recovery of those files has proved extremely difficult as til now I haven't found a utility that will recover just the files that have been deleted. Instead photorec and others will attempt to search the entire disk for files that conform to the format specified, effectively copying all images into the recovery folder with the prefix image_xxxxx.jpg (or similar). I have thousands upon thousands of images so to search for the ones I want since their original names are not maintained will take a lifetime. I have considered using meta data from the files recovered to see if this can help but to be honest, felt it better to establish a decent backup device using a fully recognised file system along with the excellent selection of apps DSM includes.


So I now have a 3TB drive (volume1) and the original 1.5TB drive (unmounted) installed in the diskstation and all I want to do is mount the old drive, run photorec on this, copying all files found onto the new 3TB and go about searching these for the meta data as mentioned above. I know there are going to be easier ways to do this - connect it to a desktop running Ubuntu or the like and copy the files off that way, but to be honest I do not trust the USB to sata interfaces and would like to enable XFS anyway.


If anyone can suggest a way to add XFS support to my current version of XPEnology, I would be most grateful. There are various howtos showing the steps needed to compile kernel modules but I am way out of my depth as I am only a novice and do not want to break anything since the microserver is running very well at present.


Any help at all is much appreciated and if anyone has suggestions as to utilities that might make it easier to find the files I am looking for, even better.


Sorry for the long post but I am quite desperate as the photos deleted are from a friend's wedding!

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