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Best way to upgrade to DSM 5 from 4.2-3211 on N40L


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I am currently running DSM 4.2-3211 on my N40L, I am ready to update it to DSM because of all the scares of synolocker. I've been looking at how to do this and want to find out what the most efficient way is currently. Before I move forward, I want to make sure I have an understanding what to do:


1. Of course is backup data.

2. Currently only Nanoboot has DSM 5.0-4493 bootloader. To install, I make a USB drive with the Nanboot DSM 5.0-4493 bootloader to boot (currently v5.0.3.1 x64)

3. Boot into USB. Install DSM 5.0-4493 with sinology assistant and migrate my 6 drives into DSM 5.0



I have 6 on DSM 4.2-3211 (formatted by DSM 4.2), should I leave all the drives connected? And then use sinology assistant to install DSM 5.0-4493, and will try to migrate the drives in.


Additionally, does nanoboot recognize the correct mac address? Does WOL work for N40L out of the box?


Finally I had to manually adjust the head parking time to 255 on one my Seagate drives to ensure that there is not an excessive amount of head parking, will I have to do that again? Probably?

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I did this at the weekend and it went fine.

Boot from Nanoboot USB. Choose install/upgrade 5.0 4493 then install the PAT via the web GUI (I had the page open as well as the finder).

Wait for install to complete, log in, install update 3 using the fix via SSH, done.


Things that needed fixing - share permissions and webstation doesn't start until you add group 'http' and give it read/write access to web root folder.


I only use 4 drives and WOL is still enabled as it was on 4.2 but I haven't tested it.

I had previously edited in the correct MAC and a ser. no which has remained.


I think there is also a fix required for esata and ODD port if used.


This guide has pretty much everything but obviously use Nanoboot and 4493 - http://cyanlabs.net/Thread-Install-XPEn ... n-the-N54L

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Hi all,


Even though I understand that backing up data is important, I still do have a question about the suggested upgraded procedure.

Unfortunately I don't have enough storage for a complete backup. Yes, I have created a backup for the data which is REALLY important to me. But I don't have enough storage for my movie collection. So it would be a shame if I have to loose them, but it wouldn't be a complete disaster.


In short: If all goes well, will I loose my data? According to the screenshots on the website mentioned above, it will erase the disk(s). If not, I'm willing to take the risk of updating.

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