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Transfer drives from Synology to XPEnology


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I’ve bought an HP Microserver Gen8, and currently have a Synology NAS. Both are 4 bay. My Synology has 4 x 4TB drives. 

it’s configured using the Synology raid type. 

I currently have 9TB used. And I don’t have a spare 9TB around to copy the days off. 

I haven’t started the setup on my HP yet. Is thereA way to setup XPEnology on the HP - and then move the drives from the Syonology into the HP. - and the data will be ok?


 Or do I need to setup the HP and install XPEnology with the drives in?


 Basically, I’d there anyway to just physically move the drives without having to move the data to a backup first? As I don’t have 9TB available spare anywhere. 

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1st why not using rsync to copy data? its much safer to keeo the original as backup


2nd yes you can move drives, with the usb bootloader of certain type (like 3615) it will compare whats installed on the disk and what you boot and will offer a "migration", replacing the system but keep data, most stuff like users and shares should be kept but plugins usually need to replaced afterward and i guess config data of the plugins will be done i guess (i never tested this)


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@Cralis I'm guessing you want to "recycle" your current HDD's by moving them (with your data) to your new box.

In Synology terms this is a "migration" and it's a normal procedure to do  when someone upgrade/replace their original Syno boxes:



What you should do first (besides making sure you have a working backup copy of any important data)

is to do a test installation on your G8 server.

Use a clean/empty HDD and a fresh USB stick that you prepare with your bootloader of choice, with the needed modifications.

Make sure your G8 BIOS is configured the way you want/need, and install DSM on the clean HDD after booting from the USB stick.

Do the wanted updates, install some packages, and make sure it's working as expected, with reboots and all, before 

shutting down and adding your "live" HDD's to do the "migration", where you will be replacing the DSM partitions on your HDD's

with a version/model that your G8 can use, while keeping your data partitions.


Most, if not all, settings and packages will be reset/replaced.

You might want to uninstall any packages on your current Synology before the migration, to avoid any potential problems.


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I too would be interested in hearing how this goes.


I recently had my DS410 die after having water get into the bottom of it =(  it was going solid up until then, but certainly showing its age in terms of streaming and well, I wanted to try out some dev packages as well.


I was hanging out to see what the DS920+ looked like before getting either it or the DS918+ at discount.


Not having my NAS for a few weeks has been painful so I was hoping I could try and boot them on an Old PC and see how that goes.

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