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Is there a list of packages in DSM?  I am looking specifically for the Active Directory Server package.  We have a DSM 1515+ that we use as an AD primary, and a proxmox server running 4 VMs (3 linux: firewall, db and middleware, 2 windows:3CX and Terminal Server).  I'd like to setup a backup AD but provide a friendly UI like what DSM has


Option 1: install xpe and use AD server from Synology

Option 2: just use samba and find some other UI

Option 3: ???  No Idea



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The short answer to your first post: Option 1.


In regards to your last Q, this might point you in the direction:

Synology Open Source Project  "The open source projects that ship with Synology NAS."


If you are into develop something yourself, you might visit SynoCommunity and pick up some ideas.

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Sorry, I might not have been clear in my question.  What I meant to ask is for a better understanding of the OS and packages.  I understand it's built on open source packages.  So I assume AD is built on Samba.  Is the UI an open source framework that I can install on any linux distro?  Not the whole DSM just the AD part.  


As an aside the UI is a nice looking framework, is the framework available as open source that can be used to develop other web apps?

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