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DSM 5.0-4458 to 5.0-4493


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RaZoR_BlaZe, please let me know if you find step by step tutorial. I'm on N54L with 4458 gnoBoot but want to migrate to the latest firmware. I have seen various tutorials but all of them were either fragmented or suitable for virtual machines only etc.

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Whew, upgraded successfully!

Most of the time took backing up all the data just in case.

So what I did:

1. Downloaded 4493 update from Synology website (The pat file is 4493 Update 0)

2. Made bootable NanoBoot USB stick

3. Booted my N54 off that stick and chose 4493 upgrade/downgrade from menu

4. Used Synology Assistant to discover my station. It was shown as Migrateable

4. Right-clicked my discovered station and selected Install in Assistant Menu. Selected my downloaded 4493 pat file. Set my new admin password. Waited until my station is rebooted and then selected "4493" from boot menu (by default)

5. Waited a little more until Synology Assistant finished its work

6. Opened web interface (port 5000). It told me that I have an update (4493 Update 3)

7. Used "sed" procedure to upgrade. Done!

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