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jun's loader 1.04b on core2duo / quad

Alex Kalm

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Hi guys, 


I run my HP mediaserver EX485 for 10 years. First it was on Windows Home Server, then on FreeNAS, then OpenMediaVault and finally last several years I use Xpenology. 

All these years I upped disks from 1x750 Gb to 4x8 Tb, cpu from celeron to core2quad 8200s and source an unimaginable 4Gb single stick low density DDR2-800 RAM. I replaced PSU to twice powerful@350W, connected external ESATA enclosure.   This beast will live for another 10 years at least, I am sure.


I really love Xpenology, but last loader dropped support for Core2 CPUs and ATOM cpus. Is it possible to build some loader especially for these old rocks? 


PS Pic related, my beast.






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your way with that hardware is the 3615 or 3617 loader (1.03b) and 6.2 image if you want the latest dsm version

as it has a realtek nic i guess you will only use 6.2.(0) as 6.2.2 needs different drivers and i've not made the new driver package available (yet)

but if you use a different usb to boot and disconnect your normal disks you can play with different versions of dsm 6.x

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