Fax manager for Synology DSM

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I have an old fax modem PCI card installed in my NAS. Since it is ON almost 24 hours everyday, I am thinking of using it to manage all incoming faxes. I don't need to send faxes. I just need to receive them.


I have googled for solution but I couldn't find any.


Has anyone tried this? Does it has the necessary driver? Is there any third party software that I can install in the DSM?


It will be amazing if the software can forward the faxes in PDF file via email.

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benjistark, you might want to look into installing debian chroot and then install the fax package from the debian package list. There are a few so you would have to do your own research as to which one suits your needs:




BTW, the easiest way for debian chroot installation is from the Synocommunity package source.



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