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Migration from VMWare ESXi to Hyper-V and retaining Nanoboot


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Got to be honest with you. Scares me like hell.


Running a HP N54L and ran out of disk space. Added a RAID card but VMWare doesn't recognise it. Looked online on how to inject drivers into ESXi, the best I could find was http://www.v-front.de/2013/01/release-esxcli-plugin-to-run-arbitrary.html however even with PowerCLI installed I get lspci cannot be found. Not very useful and really pulling my hair out.


The hardware works out of the box on all Windows builds after Vista and having read how to install drivers on Hyper V it looks bloody easy.


So my question is. Has anyone moved from VMWare to Hyper-V and managed to retain all your Syno data?

I have no problem re-installing packages, setting up the device as new, I just don't want to lose 16tb of data, even though it is backed up.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I do indeed.

So i guess the same steps as ESXi install.

Pull drives out, Install Hyper-V onto USB key, get it up and running. New VM with Xpenology on, drives back in, pass through then hold onto something tight and hope data doesn't get wiped?

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