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Photostation is down MAJ 4493 updt3 Nanoboot


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I did the update of my HP ProLiant N54L to move from DSM 4.3 to DSM 5.0.44493 update 3 by migration (nanoboot Everything works except PhotoStation ..... Indeed, when I try to connect with DS photo+ I get a message that tells me "PhotoStation is not installed or not enabled". Yet it is installed and enabled .... Strange thing, in the control panel, when I go into the "portal applications", I have my list of applications (file station, audio station , download station, video station, etc) but photostation does not appear in this list!

I'm obviously not the only one having this problem .... I tried to create a group called http because i saw that into some posts and sometimes it works, but it doesn't work for me.... :cry:

Do you have a solution?

Thank you in advance! :wink:

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