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10Gbe switch


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As a strong advocate of 10Gbe networking on XPenology, I am happy to finally see an affordable, passively-cooled switch on the market (even though many folks don't even need a switch - a direct-connected multi-port NIC will often suffice).


To use it, you'll have to familiarize yourself with DACs and/or optical SFP's but this is a major step forward for the price.



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An affordable entry switch. As you said, you‘ll have to use SFP. I think that’s a thing which most (power) home users don’t have in their environment. But it would be a good addition to small racks or places where maybe two or more „servers“ sit together. Many newer (small budget middle class) switches have one or two SFP ports which can be used for uplinking.  

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I had a CRS226 it was a great switch if you didnt want LACP channel bonding.  Well still have it, its in a box now but ....


a couple other points

sfp+ fiber modules can be had for 20-30$, so they are not Super expensive either, plus 10-20 for the LC/LC fiber patch cable.

Mikrotic has 75$ SFP+ modules that support N-baseT, so if you must use copper, you can do so at 2.5, 5.0, or 10 gbps

Mikrotik has a 5 meter fiber cable with integrated sfp+ for less than 50$


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