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Synolocker see the private key ?


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I'm infected with synolocker after long research no solution appear at the moment...so i would like to pay !


But...surprise when i go to the link with Tor it said i have already paid et give me the private key O_O

Bug with xpenology ( like dscam or quickconnect ) in fact all xpenology users have the same licence? or serial number ? or something like that ?


However when i put the key on the required page on the syno it said "RSA key is valid, please be patient, decryption will start..." but don't work syno continue to encrypt all of my datas.


If the key is correct is there a solution to decrypt files manually ? I have trying lot of method in DOS with cryptounlocker etc...no succes...


If I can help or you can do something for this malware...




( sorry don't speak english very well )

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