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Some basic setup problems


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My hardware has finally arrived and I've created a USB drive and booted with Nanoboot without any problem.


Things I've encounterd when trying to set different stuff up:

- I cant acces the account root over SFTP (WinSCP) -> admin works like a charm. Anyone know why and how to fix that? (Error says something like: Is there a SFTP programm running.... , cant really remember now I'm at work...)

- What IPKG source do you take, when using an i5 4460?

- Pyload is supposed to be in the standard download cencter, but I cant find it on my installation? Whats the cleanest way to get it?

- Is there a way to get the correct CPU temperature on the interface?


I'm running version 4493 update 3


Hope someone can help me with few problems :smile:



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